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Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Special Inks


  • Tattoo ETERNAL Ink

    Tattoo Eternal Ink

  • Tattoo INTENZE Ink

    Intenze Tattoo Ink - Manufactured in the USA by Mario Barth, Intenze Ink tattoo colors have been extensively tested by Mario himself and is used in all of his studios. Intenze Ink tattoo colors have also been tested by CTL Labor Bielefeld, Germany for investigation of amines according to the valid German Legislation.

  • Tattoo RADIANT Ink

    Tattoo Radiant Ink


    Panthera Ink-150 ml

  • Tattoo DYNAMIC Ink

    Tattoo Dynamic ink one of the best pigments from professional studios.

  • Tattoo STARBRITE Ink

    Starbrite tattoo ink, pure uncut pigment dispersion tattoo ink. This color is Canary Yellow. Vibrant industry leading colors for decades, professional artists know that Starbrite tattoo ink is one of the best available on the market. Starbrite tattoo ink is made in the USA. Our Starbrite ink is direct from the manufacturer, be careful of counterfeit Starbrite tattoo ink on the market.

  • Tattoo SILVERBLACK Ink

    Prezentarea companiei You wanted the best & you got it! FOUR VERY DISTINCT SHADES TO GET YO BLACK N' GREY GROOVE ON!!

  • Tattoo Alla Prima Ink

    Tattoo Ink Alla Prima

  • Tattoo GRAY Ink

    Tattoo ink for portraits and shades

  • Tattoo Black Ink

    Tattoo Black inks for best quality tattoos.

  • Tusuri Albe
  • Ink Accessories

    Ink Accessories for Tattoo industry

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